10 Simple Baby Care Tips for New Moms

10 Simple Baby Care Tips for New Moms

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You’ve survived 9 months of pregnancy! Amazingly, you’ve made it through the excitement of labor and delivery, and now you’re ready to go home with your new baby. These simple baby care tips can help you feel confident about caring for your newborn in short time:

1. Get some sleep

Keep in mind that lack of sleep might be one of the most difficult sides of new motherhood! So if your baby goes down for a short nap, follow suit and lie down. Even though you actually don’t feel like sleeping, the nap time will help you refresh.

2. Make sure to carefully support your baby’s head and neck.

Be careful while carrying your baby that their tiny stays upright and make sure to support their neck when you lay them down.

3. Always talk to your baby

Talking to your newborn has some profound effects and hidden benefits. One of these benefits is that it helps your baby’s brain to develop, in addition to helping your baby to baby pick up words faster.

4. Feed on demand

The main two things that your baby would need during their early days are proper feeds and enough sleep. At this stage, sleeping can be a little bit tricky because even though your newborn has to sleep for 16 to 20 hours per day, they might not do all that sleeping. Your baby will need a feed probably every two hours or less. Get ready to offer a feed on demand.

5. Bathe your baby properly

Once the umbilical cord falls and the area heals, your baby will need to get some normal bathes. So be careful while giving your baby that sweet bath.

6. Use a hand sanitizer

Keep in mind that newborns don’t have a strong immune system yet, therefore they are highly exposed to infection. Make sure that whoever handles or touches your baby, even you, has clean hands.

7. Always soothe your crying baby

There is a myth says that making your baby cry is good for his or her lungs, this is absolutely wrong. Even though crying is considered an important physiological phenomenon, it’s a complete nonsense to keep your baby in tears. This could lead to psychological distress later on!

8. Stay calm

You’ve been through a lot already, so if you are feeling a little bit frustrated, take it easy on yourself and try to stay calm. Put your baby in the crib or another safe spot and breathe for 10 minutes and try to clear your mind while doing so. If you’re stressed, the baby will pick up on your tension.

9. It’s ok to ask for help

Being a new mom and the responsibility of raising a baby is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Talk to your partner, your parents and your friends to help out when things get tough.

10. Listen to your gut

As a new mom, you may get more advice on how to raise your baby than you ever hoped to hear! Take it easy, and remember to listen to your gut, and trust your own instincts.



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