The 23rd Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 23rd Week of Pregnancy

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Most people will notice your changing shape as your baby continues to gain weight and develop. It’s the perfect time to know your rights at your work. Most pregnant women stop working around the 7th or 8th month while others choose to continue working until their delivery day. You can work as long as you’re not tired!

What to expect at 23 weeks pregnant? 

Fetal activity is the most common symptom for the 23rd week of pregnancy; you will get used to your baby’s movement inside your womb.

Along with this symptoms come the following ones:

(23 weeks pregnant symptoms) 

  • Braxton Hicks contractions

It’s completely normal to feel your uterus becomes a little tighter as your muscles are flexing to practice the labor

  • Pregnancy Insomnia

Unfortunately, sleep isn’t easy at this stage of pregnancy. More than 75% of pregnant women are suffering pregnancy insomnia.

  • Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Just like almost everything inside your body, pregnancy hormones affect your mouth as well; they increase your blood flow thus, avoid eating sticky food like candies to reduce this symptom and also avoid flossing, brushing.

  • Swollen Ankles or Feet

Most pregnant women experience swollen feet or ankles, it’s completely normal so deal with it! Try to relieve your legs as much as you can, drink plenty of water and make your walks shorter.

  • Backaches

Backaches are absolutely common among pregnant women at their 23rd week. Try to change your sleeping positions from back to side in order to relieve the pain and to enjoy better sleep!

  • Skin Discoloration

Believe it or not, you’ll probably notice some darker places in your skin all over your body. This is called Mask of Pregnancy or Chloasma because it appears like a mask configuration.

  • Increased Appetite

Feeling like you’re about to eat the kitchen including the whole fridge?! You’re perfectly normal, just relax! It’s your baby needs some extra nourishment to help growing faster!

  • Snoring

This is a very common, yet annoying, symptom during the 23rd week of pregnancy.

It may be caused by nasal congestion because of the swollen mucous inside your nose.

Wearing a nasal strip will, surely, help you during your sleep.


How big is your baby at 23 weeks pregnant?

By the week 23, your baby will be as big as the size of a grapefruit; weighing around 1.1 pounds and measuring about 11.4 inches long.


What’s happening with your baby? 

(Baby’s Development) 

At the 23rd week, your baby is forming nipples and his or her face is now fully formed. Your baby is entertaining his or herself by listening to your voice! In addition, this week your baby is so busy walking around your belly!

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 23 weeks pregnant your baby is weighing more than one pound and if you have an ultrasound, you’ll notice that your baby is more like a little doll!


The Checklist for the 23rd week of pregnancy:

  • Try to have some rest and just relax!
  • Keep a large bottle of water by your side
  • Keep taking prenatal vitamins
  • Keep eating well-balanced food

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