The 25th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 25th Week of Pregnancy

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At 25th week of pregnancy, you’ll find yourself amazingly glowing in the prime of your pregnancy. Don’t worry about how much longer do you need to hang in there; you’re doing great and instead of thinking, enjoy every step of your miraculous journey!

What to expect at 25 weeks pregnant? What’s happening inside your body?

As your baby is growing, you’re developing too! In fact, at this stage of pregnancy both of you is having a lot of changes happening and for you here are the main symptoms that you’ll be experiencing at this week:

  • Braxton Hicks Contractions

These little practice contractions are showing up during 24 to 28 weeks pregnant. You’ll notice your uterus get tighter and super hard and then get back to normal!

  • Hemorrhoids

About half of all pregnant women experience itchy veins because of the big pressure caused by the expanding uterus. Hemorrhoids a form of Varicose veins that can be very painful.

  • Trouble Sleeping

Usually, as a pregnant woman, you’ll find yourself can’t sleep or having bad dreams if you could sleep. It’s because of the huge changes happening in your life. In fact, you’ll catch yourself overthinking or daydreaming and it’s completely normal as your life became baby-centric!

  • Constipation

You’ll experience constipation as long as your expanding uterus is putting pressure on your bowels; light exercises can relieve this feeling.

  • Gas and Bloating

Many pregnant women experience bloating and gas issues because the pregnancy hormones are slowing down the digestion causing gas!

  • Heartburn

Although heartburn is a really annoying feeling, it’s not harmful! It’s a normal common symptom and usually, most pregnant women experience it at many stages during their pregnancy, so don’t panic!

  • Snoring

A lot of pregnant women experience snoring at a stage of their pregnancy as the increased blood flow causes congestion

  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

It’s normal to feel tingling in your legs with an urge to move them. Ask your doctor to check your iron-deficiency


How big is your baby at 25 weeks pregnant?

Your baby, now, is as big as the size of a cauliflower; weighing around 1.5 pounds and measuring about 13.6 inches long!

What’s happening with your baby? (Your Baby’s Development)

Your baby’s hair is growing and you’ll notice that your hair is growing faster as well. Your little one’s hearing is becoming very strong thus, be careful of loud noises to avoid disturbing them.

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby’s skin is getting pinker as the capillaries form under their skin and fill with blood. In addition, this week is the start of your baby’s nose beginning to function allowing your baby to take breaths; your baby starts to breathe in amniotic fluid. The 25th-week ultrasound will let you see your baby lying in a breech position; with their bottom down and their head up under your ribs.


The Checklist for the 25th week of pregnancy:

  • Help your baby shower host
  • Send the baby shower invites
  • Attend childbirth classes
  • Join yoga classes
  • Choose a health care provider
  • Keep taking prenatal vitamins
  • Keep eating well-balanced meals
  • Drink lots of water
  • Change your sleeping patterns

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