The 38th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 38th Week of Pregnancy

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38th week of pregnancy means eight months and about two weeks, you’re getting closer to the finish line!

What to expect at 38 weeks pregnant? What’s happening inside your body?

 By 38 weeks pregnant, your body keeps doing the best to adapt to everything occurring inside it up until the delivery day. Here are the most common symptoms that you may experience during this week:

  • Insomnia

At 38 weeks pregnant, in spite of how tired you are or how deeply you want to sleep, you will have insomnia. Try to do some light exercise during the day for better sleep at night.

  • Increased Vaginal Discharge

Around 38 weeks of pregnancy, you may start to notice some thick mucus-like substance. No worries, your cervix is preparing for the labor and producing this liquid.

  • Swollen Ankles and Feet

As your expanding uterus keeps putting pressure on your body and of course you’ve gained some extra pounds during the pregnancy. You will experience swollen and feet

  • Leaky Breasts (Colostrum) 

Due to the increasing size of your breasts, you may also notice some yellowish fluid called Colostrum which is the responsible for milk production.

  • Anxiety

Most pregnant women suffer from anxiety especially when their due date becomes closer. It’s normal to feel anxious when you think you’re getting ready to get the baby out of you. Try to take it easy on yourself and do some fun things like watching movies you like or reading your favorite books.

  • Itchy Belly

Your growing baby keeps putting tons of pressure on your body. At 38 weeks pregnant, you will notice that your skin becomes very sensitive and the skin around your belly itches. Apply a lotion rich in Vitamin E to soothe the itches!

  • Better Breath

As your baby descends to your pelvis leaving your lungs enough space to take a full breath,  you’ll notice breath has become much better.

  • Back Pain

As your baby grows, she or he puts extra pressure on your sciatic nerve therefore, you will experience back pain. Remember to sleep with an extra comfortable pillow for support.


How big is your baby at 38 weeks pregnant?

At 38 weeks pregnant, your baby will be as big as a winter melon: weighing around 6.8 pounds and measuring about 19.6 inches long.


What’s happening with your baby? (Baby’s Development)

By 38 weeks of pregnancy, the lanugo that was covering your baby’s hair is noticeably disappeared. Additionally, your baby’s organs are fully formed and ready to function for the world outside your womb!


38 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

 At 38 weeks pregnant, your baby’s hair has grown to an inch already. Your doctor may order 38 weeks pregnant ultrasound for the biophysical profile.


 When to call the doctor?

It’s highly recommended to call the doctor or even rush to the hospital if you detect any of the following symptoms:

  • Water breaking
  • Severe abdominal
  • Fever
  • Spotting
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Depression

The Checklist of the 38th week of pregnancy:

  • Schedule your 39-week prenatal visit
  • Prepare for breastfeeding
  • Cook and freeze some meals
  • Make sure your camera is included in the hospital bag
  • Speak with your friends who had a baby recently.

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