4th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 4th Week of Pregnancy

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At 4 weeks pregnancy, your egg is now well attached inside your uterus. At this point,  your embryo is in safe hands, or it is better to say safe uterus, and growing really fast!

It’s the fourth week, you have been pregnant for a whole month now!

Now, what’s the 4 pregnancy symptom week? What’s really happening in your body at 4 weeks pregnant?

In addition to giving you the maximum feeling of happiness, pregnancy can also give you more typical 2-4 week pregnancy symptoms due to the amazingly increased levels of your hormones. Besides, your kidneys need to work harder than usual to process extra blood.

Here are some pregnancy symptoms that you may face at this stage:


The pregnancy hormone, Progesterone, is taking control at the moment. You can find more comfort in comfy pants.


Light colored bleeding may also occur during 2-4 weeks pregnancy but no need to worry, it is a normal result of implantation.

You may only get concerned and check your doctor if the bleeding is heavy like period or even heavier and lasts more than two days.

Mood Swings:

It is totally OK to feel happy for a moment and sad right after it. You are a normal person, your hormones are just taking control of your whole body so that’ OK!

Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness also goes on during 2-4 weeks pregnancy.

Breast Tenderness:

At 4 weeks pregnant, your breasts became more tender because they are preparing for milk production.


How big is your baby in the 4th Week of Pregnancy?

After your tiny baby has started his/her journey to your uterus, they keep diving into two groups of cells; one of them has become the embryo and the other has become the placenta. The placenta is actually very amazing because it provides your tiny baby with an outstanding support system.


How big is your baby at 4 weeks pregnancy?

Your baby is still tiny at this point, he/she approximately about 0.078 inches (about 1.98 mm) length. Your baby is just as big as a poppy seed, but they are developing very quickly during the fourth month. At this stage, your baby is developing into, well, a … baby!


What is your baby doing at the 4th week of pregnancy?

  • Your baby starts to sleep from four weeks pregnant.
  • Your baby’s hearing is forming.


The  4th Week of Pregnancy Checklist:

  • Keep the Folic Acid
  • Include dark leafy greens in your dietary
  • Fruits, nuts, eggs, meat, chicken, and grain are essential!
  • Vitamin supplement to support pregnancy


Tips for the 4th Week of Pregnancy:

  • If you have a cat, it is advised to avoid changing its litter at this stage because of the parasite found in some cats’ feces so it is always better to take extra caution!
  • Begin an exercise routine and check with a health care provider which exercise are suitable for you at this stage.


Finally, embrace your self and always remember you are living a real miracle, you are living an impressive experience and you doing great!

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