5th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 5th Week of Pregnancy

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It’s a little funny when we use terms of vegetables and fruits to describe unborn baby’s growth! It’s funny but it is actually an accurate description because your little one is still uploading…

The National Health Service suggests that your baby is actually about only 2 mm.

So, what’s the 5 pregnancy symptom week? What’s really happening in your body at 5 weeks pregnant?

The 5th week of pregnancy stands for the start of the embryonic period. This means that the systems and structures in your little baby’s body beginning to form including; the heart, the spinal cord, and brain.


Spotting is also known as vaginal bleeding could continue to the 5th week of pregnancy.


Experiencing mild cramping can be caused by the egg implantation.


Due to the increase in the pregnancy hormone, you may find yourself a little lazy or want to sleep for a long time!

Food Craving and Aversions

At this point, your changing hormones can control your appetite. Surprisingly, you will find yourself avoiding some food that you used to LOVE or you start craving foods that you usually don’t eat!

Mood Swings

Pregnancy commonly takes lots of emotions, it’s absolutely normal to feel a lot of emotions such as; sadness, anxiety, excitement, and exhaustion!


How big is your baby at the 5th Week of Pregnancy?

In addition to your baby’s heart beating changes from being a simple one tube into a complex four chamber organ. Now your baby is made up of three layers the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm.

The Ectoderm is a germ layer or a tissue layer which forms an embryo during its development. It is the germ layer that covers the outside of the embryo.

The Mesoderm is the middle layer of the three germ layers that form the embryo and lying between the Ectoderm and the Endoderm. The Mesoderm is the source of bones, muscles, connective tissues and dermis.

While the Endoderm is the third layer of the three germs layers which appears creates Epithelium which is the tissue covering a structure.


5th Week of Pregnancy Checklist:

  • Consider a healthy diet
  • Start your pregnancy journal
  • You may also consider starting saving money for your sweet baby
  • Download a pregnancy app to organize the upcoming 8 months
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • Keep up taking the prenatal vitamins including Folic Acid
  • Remember that healthy food is essential for your baby’s development.



In a nutshell, you’ve completed your first month of pregnancy and now you are starting your second month; each step of this journey is super exciting as long as you keep your happy moments in front of your eyes!

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