6th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 6th Week Pregnant

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Imagine a little poppy seed and this is exactly the size of your baby’s tiny head.  At the 6th weeks of pregnancy, all of your baby’s vital organs such as; the kidneys, the lungs, and the liver are being formed now!


Your tiny baby has tripled in size and now is as big as a sweet pea!

Additionally, the tiny buds that are going to grow and develop eventually to become your baby’s arms, legs, and ears are also beginning to develop!

At the moment, what’s the 6 pregnancy symptom week? What’s really going on in your body at 6 weeks pregnant?

Although most people can’t realize that you are pregnant yet, your uterus is growing! At this stage, you will experience rushing to the bathroom for several times because the uterus is pressing on your bladder!


Pregnant women are encouraged and advised to take prenatal vitamins like the Folic Acid, but all the irony can make them feel a little constipated.

Bloating and Gas

As we agreed, the pregnancy hormone, Progesterone is taking control of your body. So, it is totally normal to give you some tummy troubles.


Nausea is back again at the 6th week of pregnancy, it is, even more, severe for pregnant women with twins.

Frequent Urination

It is absolutely normal to find yourself going to the bathroom more often than your usual days because the uterus keeps pressing on your bladder.

Cramping and Spotting

At the 6th week of pregnancy or even any time in early pregnancy, experiencing cramping and spotting is actually normal.

How big is your baby at the 6th Week of Pregnancy?

At 6 weeks pregnant, your tiny baby is as big as the size of a sweet pea. Your baby’s weight increases from conception to birth to reach around 3.000 million times. Your baby’s tiny buds are developing into his/her legs and hands. In addition, your baby’s brain waves are strong to be recorded!

Your tiny baby, now, has teeth and a thin layer of skin! Your baby is approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch in length. Be prepared for the double size in the next week!

Tips for the 6th Week of Pregnancy:

Avoid the Hot Tub and Sauna because both can harmfully affect your pregnancy or expose you to a high risk of miscarriage. In general, avoid all activities that increase your body’s temperature above 102°F.


The Checklist of the 6th Week of Pregnancy:

  • Schedule an appointment with your obstetrician
  • Take multivitamins
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Pay extra attention to your dietary


Scheduling an appointment with your obstetrician is on the 6th week’s checklist. I bet there are a million questions going through your mind at the moment. So, take your time to think and write down your questions. Prepare earlier than your obstetrician  ’s appointment to have enough time focusing on your questions, reading furthermore about your stage of pregnancy or searching for some information. In all cases, you better prepare these questions for your doctor as early as possible!



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