+7 Things to AVOID When You're Trying to Get Pregnant!

+7 Things to AVOID When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant!

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So you and your partner have been thinking about having a baby and finally made a decision, exciting! But first, you need to know +7 things to avoid when you’re trying to get pregnant. First of all, you need to take a breath and remember that it’s all worth it! Following some healthy lifestyle changes and avoiding some habits are extremely important at this stage:

  • Eating high-mercury fish

If you are a big fish fan or usually eat a huge amount of fish, try to slow your consumption down. In fact, you should reduce your consumption of high-mercury fish for instance; tuna and swordfish about three months before trying to get pregnant.

According to the American Pregnancy Association website, you should consume no more than 12 oz of low mercury fish per week. The high-mercury fish must be totally avoided during pregnancy and three months before conceiving.

  • Getting obsessed with ovulation

As a matter of fact, knowing your ovulation cycle is really important but don’t get obsessed with it. Remember that having sex with your partner should be mainly for both of you to enjoy your love and have pleasure. Don’t turn it into an obsession with getting pregnant only!

  • Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and surprisingly, it is even more important when you’re trying to conceive. Recent research indicated that women who ate more breakfast than dinner had higher chances of getting pregnant.

  • Getting stressed

According to research, stress has a profound negative effect on women. In fact, it can double their chances of becoming infertile! Therefore, make sure you take it easy on yourself and just relax. Remember, you’re doing the best you can and it is just the time to chill out.

  • Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit, in general, but when talking about getting pregnant, it could become worse. Smoking during pregnancy can deeply affect your health and can increase the risks of miscarriages or lead to a premature birth. So, it’s highly recommended to avoid smoking if you’re trying to get pregnant.

  • Panic

In order to stay calm and not starting to freak out, make sure you’re ready to take this serious decision and get prepared for the next milestone of your life. Remember, it’s ok to worry and to think about future and your upcoming baby, but don’t lead this ruin your life. Before you start trying to get pregnant, get well prepared for this amazing journey.

  • Being lazy

Trying to get pregnant doesn’t mean you have to neglect your workout. On contrary, doing some gentle exercise can help you get well-prepared for this journey. Besides, it’s always good to stay fit especially with all the weight you’re about to gain with all the weight you’re going to carry the next nine months. In addition, exercises can reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, boost energy levels and build up stamina.

  • Drinking alcohol

pregnancy do's and dont's

Before trying to get pregnant, you’ve to avoid drinking alcohol even small amounts. recent research found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can deeply affect pregnancy or cause fetal alcohol syndrome.


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