7th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week by Week – The 7th Week of Pregnancy

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Due to your seven weeks pregnancy, you’re spending your days and nights knowing that you’re expecting, but most people don’t know this yet! 7 weeks pregnant means that you are one month or about two months pregnant!


So now, let’s talk more about:

What are the 7th-week symptoms? and What’s really going on in your body at 7 weeks pregnant?

  • Diarrhea

As your trips to the bathroom continue in this week as well, you may also experience diarrhea which is totally normal and common among most of the pregnant women.

  • Excess Saliva

Excess salivation is one of the most annoying symptoms that you may experience in the 7th week. Avoid it by chewing some gums and keeping your mouth wet.

  • Food Carving

Thinking of some pickles or maybe some candies? How about some French fries? Can’t stand the smell of some foods like fish for example? Surprise! This is your body’s way to protect you by keeping you away from any food that could harm you or your developing tiny baby.

  • Spotting

Spotting is also very common at the 7th week of pregnancy, especially after sex! But if you notice heavier bleeding, look like period blood or even heavier, call your doctor right away!

  • Fatigue

You may continue feeling super exhausted or not into doing anything at this week as well.

  • Cramping

If you are feeling some mild cramps, do not worry, you’re experiencing a common pregnancy symptom since your uterus is expanding and your whole body is making an extra effort to keep up with all those changes.

  • Morning Sickness

Of all those weeks, morning sickness couldn’t be worse!

 The 7th Week of Pregnancy


  • Nausea

Along with the morning sickness comes nausea or the upset stomach but the good news is that it will disappear during the second trimester.


How big is your baby at the 7th Week of Pregnancy?

At 7 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing and now he/she is as big as a blueberry! The heart of your tiny baby is beating about 160 beats per minute and he/she is starting to move around. Your baby’s hands and feet are developing into fingers and toes. How amazing is this! 

Your 7-week embryo is, now,  producing about one hundred new brain cells each minute! Very impressive, isn’t it?! Your baby’s brain and heart are becoming more complex.

7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

A 7-week pregnant ultrasound is not that common, but it depends on your good medical history as it could be a low-risk pregnancy. So ask your doctor if it is possible to see an ultrasound for your baby and highly consider the doctor’s advice.


The Checklist of the 7th Week of Pregnancy:

  • Read more about prenatal tests
  • Start a prenatal exercise program
  • Try eating many small meals throughout your day
  • Make sure any meat you eat is well cooked

At this point in your life, you will notice some changes in your interests. For example, you will notice every single woman that you may see on street or even on TV which Is actually normal because you know both of you is going through the same miraculous journey!

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