The Ages and Stages of Child Development You Need to Know

The Ages and Stages of Child Development You Need to Know!

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Depending on the age of your baby, his or her learning style, and personality will have different needs. The first years of your baby’s life are very important for physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Keep your child’s ages and stages in mind when looking for child development especially when choosing which activity your child should do. Here you will learn more about the different stages of your child’s development:

Birth to eighteen months

In the first eighteen months after birth, your infant makes an amazing progress. At this stage, he or she sees the world through their senses. Actually, babies collect information through their five senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. In order to help your infant to mature and learn, you should stimulate but not overwhelm them. You need to realize that your baby feels great pleasure in discovering what they can do. The following are more detailed information about each month of these 18 months:

  • One month 

At one month, you’ll need to provide your baby the following essential elements milk, a smoke-free environment, a warm place to sleep, hugs and kisses, and a lot of love. In addition, you may start talking to your baby, the more you talk and introduce different things to them, the more they learn.

  • Three months

From three months on, you may start singing to your baby. Besides, lots of cuddles, kisses, and hugs, your baby will need fresh air and maybe a ride in their stroller.

  • Five months

At five months old, make sure your baby is safe while learning how to crawl and discovering the floor. Remember that your baby needs to stay with you so offer a fun time by dancing or even tickling.

  • Nine months

Nine months is the time when closing cabinets with medicines are closed and all of the household cleaners and dangerous things are taken away from your baby’s reach.

  • Twelve months

As time goes on, your baby grows and their discovery grows as well. Therefore, make sure you’re providing your baby a safe area to move around easily. Give your baby the freedom to discover but stay near in case they need help.

  • Twelve to eighteen months

At this stage of your baby’s development, make sure you’re giving your baby enough freedom to discover and touch things. Your baby needs to try new things and you should praise them for doing so. Encouraging your baby will enhance their desire to learn, try and discover new things. It’s important to be patient with your baby especially at this stage even though if they leave a mess behind.


our child is learning a lot of new things, but they will not always grow and develop at the same rate as other children. Therefore, don’t compare your baby to other baby’s development or behaviors as long as they don’t face any growth or development problem. Remember that interaction with your child creates an essential part of their early stages of development. That is why it is important that to understand the different ages and stages of your baby’s development.

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