The Ultimate Guide on Pregnancy Emotions in the Third Trimester

The Ultimate Guide on Pregnancy Emotions in the Third Trimester

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The third trimester of pregnancy is the time your baby is growing and gaining weight rapidly. You will have many physical and emotional experiences that occur during the last months of pregnancy. Here you will find everything you need to know about pregnancy emotions in the third trimester.

In general, emotional symptoms will vary among pregnant women and may even be different from those feelings you’ve felt from a previous pregnancy. Remember that the hormonal changes you’ve been going through are at an all-time high.  Here are the most common pregnancy emotions in the third trimester:

  • Worry and Fear

As delivery gets closer, you will experience an increasing feeling of fear and worry which is totally normal. You may be worried if the labor will hurt you and how long will it take. All the thoughts of getting an epidural or having spinal anesthesia can be terrifying for many women.

  • Excitement

Excitement is also one of the most common emotion that most pregnant women feel during the third trimester of pregnancy. By this stage, you will be excited to finally meet your new baby and become a mother. This is a time of excitement and joy for your family as you await your new little family member.

  • Anxiety and Frustration

Most pregnant women suffer from anxiety during the third trimester. It’s absolutely normal that you will feel anxious and overwhelmed, especially if this is your first pregnancy. You may also begin to feel a little bit frustrated with the discomforts of still being pregnant. In order to relieve this feeling, try doing some exercise or meditating.

  • Feeling clumsy

Don’t get me wrong, I know you are having a long to-do list. But, your new body will be naturally off as you will just need to be a little more careful.

  • Nesting

By the third trimester of pregnancy, you may look more like a penguin, with the same instinct to prepare for the little hatchling. Nesting also provides a sense of control.

  • Decreased sexual interest

As you become further closer to your due date, you may begin to feel sex is uncomfortable or painful.  Make sure to talk about this and make adjustments so that both of you and your partner feel pleasure. Surprisingly, for many women, orgasms are better than ever during pregnancy.

  • Peacefulness

At this time, you may feel very peaceful. It’s super important to realize what are your priorities, and of course, you’ll find the answer is staying healthy and prepared for your baby.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude is also one of the most common and amazing emotion that you may feel during the third trimester. In fact, thinking of starting a family or adding a new baby to your little family is something you really should be grateful for. You will also be for the whole tiring-exciting journey you have been through with all of the physical and emotional changes that happened to you. You’ll just be thankful and grateful even for your doctor, your family member, and your partner.



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